Albero Olive Oil


100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported from the Puglia region of Italy. An intense finishing oil made from Ogliarola olives and cold pressed in traditional Italian mills. The proximity to the sea and the cool morning breeze helps account for Albero Verde's unique flavor profile. A pleasant mixture of smooth sweetness, a hint of pleasant bitters, and a peppery, spicy finish. Full on the palate. 

Each bottle is 375ml.

About Albero Verde: When Blake and Daria Greenbaum visited Italy in 2018 they passed several olive orchards which piqued their interest in the region's olive oil. After touring various groves and meeting local growers, they developed what they felt was the perfect finishing oil. They gifted the first two harvests to friends and family and have since decided they need to share these incredible flavors with the world! Nickey Kehoe is proud to introduce this incredible brand of olive oil.


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