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One copy of, "Ma Vie A Paris by Astier De Villatte."
One copy of, "Ma Vie A Paris by Astier De Villatte."


  • Embodying Parisian taste, the most obvious advantage of this unusual guide is its physical appearance: with its gilded edges, it looks deceptively like a hefty novel which allows the reader to avoid being seen as an irksome tourist, no matter how chic the surroundings may be. Ma Vie à Paris lives up to its name: it is a practical guide created by Benoît and Ivan, a team that knows Paris inside out. They reveal their personal favorites, from the most expected addresses to the most secret and unusual. With little details and charming illustrations, they marvelously describe the ambiance of the places in Paris that make them feel good. The only guide in the world to be traditionally printed.

    Printed in France.

    This product is only available upon request.

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