Cire Trudon Les Belles Matieres, Madurai

Part of Les Belles Matieres series, The Madurai Candle is made by Cire Trudon, the oldest known French candle manufacturer. 

Madurai boasts head notes of Ylang Ylang and heart notes of Jasmine. 

A note on Jasmine:The Duke of Tuscany first brought jasmine from India in 1690, a flower originally from Arabia. Whether fresh or dried, it still plays a quintessential role in India’s myths, legends and daily rituals. At times, jasminum sambac perfumes loose-leaf tea; at others, it is braided into floral necklaces. Revered spiritually, the odorant flower becomes an offering in Hindu temples.

9.5 ounces. 

Burn Time: 55 to 60 hours. 

Handmade in Normandy.