Forest and Found, Olive Ash Tenated Vessel


Olive Ash Tenated Vessel from Forest and Found.

Artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth sourced the beautiful olive ash wood for this richly marbled vessel from a felled tree discovered in North East London. 

Olive Ash is the transformation of regular ash wood by a process through which a fungus (in this case a horseshoe fungus) moves through the living tree, turning the pale grain of the ash into a dark and smoky figuring. The right side of the piece is a lovely example of this process. 

This particular mushroom is not only what gave this vessel its distinct coloring, but is also what caused the tree from which it was sourced to fall.

Through gesture of the maker and interaction with the natural, the wood's distinctive elements are elevated and transformed into objects symbolic of human ritual — canvases that conjure both the meditative and monumental.

Artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth source their natural materials from urban and rural landscapes in and around the UK and use fire, earth, water and hand tools to shape the wood and build subtle shifts in color on the surface of each piece. Their exploration of the living tree is rooted in the physicality of the embodied vessel and carved object. These organic vessels provoke thought and dialogue around landscape, material, process and ritual. 

Measures 11" tall x 12.75" diameter. 

One of a kind. Handcrafted in England. 


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