Heyjadopottery Collection

Ceramic vessels made by the potter Heyja Do. Two weeks of work go into every Heyja Do piece. Each is hand formed using a dense sculpting clay. The artist then glazes the inside of the vessels with cone 10 for high density firing. A proprietary black or white slip is used to finish the outside of each vessel and lends itself to the cracked surface that has become her trademark.

Heyja Do focuses primarily on exploring shapes and textures while maintaining a minimalistic essence. She is Korean born and currently resides in New York. Her work has garnered much attention across Asia, and is exhibited in many galleries, hotels, and art spaces. 

No. 1 10”h x 8.5”w
No. 2 10.5”h x 8”w
No. 3 2.5”h x 8”w
No. 4 8.5”h x 7”w
No. 5 11.5”h x 6”w
No. 6 12”h x 7”w
No. 7 10”h x 5.5”w
No. 8 13.5”h x 3.5”w
No. 9 8”h x 4”w
No. 10 6”h x 9”w