Astier De Villatte | Incense Collection

Incense handmade in Japan by the Koh-shis (Masters of Aroma), packaged in a gorgeous little box from famed Parisian home goods company Astier De Villatte.

Each box includes 125 sticks.


Yakushima: The marvelous and delicate earthy aroma exudes from the dense and luxuriant vegetation of the mysterious rain forest on the island of Yakushima, with its enormous yakusugi trunks and limpid waterfalls.

Delhi: The soft scents of betel, benzoin, musk, and myrrh create a marketplace of sensory experience alongside tones of smoked wood, sweet vanilla, and minty eucalyptus.

Hollywood: The delicate dusting of iris and patchouli leads us down the yellow brick road of Hollywood studios, blending with the sunny cedarwood, eucalyptus and vetiver scents of Southern California’s luxuriant vegetation.

Porte Des Lilas: The mauve lilacs overflowing garden fences, mixed here and there with puffs of rose and jasmine, paying homage to the exit of the Paris Métro 20s metro station.

Oulan Bator:The ambergris and angelica root recall scents of leather steeped in tobacco and wood smoke.