Solid Wood Furniture

Thank you for choosing Nickey Kehoe Collection solid wood furniture. We take great pride in creating heirloom quality furniture that has been built to be enjoyed for generations to come. Each of our Collection pieces has been carefully made by expert craftspeople utilizing traditional construction techniques and always with the finest grade solid wood. To ensure ultimate structural integrity, every timber is carefully evaluated prior to the many stages required to hand assemble each piece of our solid wood furniture.

Wood is nature’s most renewable material and its inherent beauty should always be respected and well cared for. Solid wood furniture will continuously show its true identity with use over time and will age with great integrity when cared for properly. When solid wood pieces are not cared for properly they may be more prone to show imperfections, discoloration, natural flaws and even cracking.

Maintenance & Care for Solid Wood Furniture

When cared for properly your piece will remain beautiful and functional for many years. We have outlined our maintenance and general care recommendations for you below:

  • Recommended room humidity: 40% to 60%
  • Ideal consistent room temperature: 70 ̊ F
  • Avoid exposure to extreme climate changes and avoid any outdoor placement unless the piece has been designated specifically for outdoor use.
  • Do not place your solid wood furniture near heating sources or in highly air-conditioned spaces.
  • Although our furniture has been given a protective finish during production, it can still be susceptible to some stains. We recommend that spills are removed immediately to prevent any permanent staining.
  • Shield your furniture from direct sunlight (UV) to prevent fading or local color variances over time. Move objects placed on the surface frequently.
  • Use placemats and coasters to prevent markings or stains on your furniture caused by hot or cold beverages, food and candles.
  • Most finishes reach their maximum hardness after 60 days, handle your furniture with great care during the first couple of months. Be mindful with hard objects, such as earthenware, laptops or abrasive surface materials.
  • When cleaning the surface, always wipe in the direction of the wood grain. A damp soft cloth with water is always recommended. Do not over soak cleaning cloths and wipe wood surfaces with too much water.
  • Never use abrasives, ammonia, or other chemical-based cleaning products.
  • It is always best to test any cleaning technique or product on a location that is not normally visible.

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