Smithey Cast Iron Skillet (Multiple Sizes)


Artfully crafted cast iron cookware by Smithey Ironware. Each piece is machine cast and hand finished in South Carolina. These buffed and polished cast iron skillets feature a satin-like surface that becomes naturally non-stick with use.

Small Chef Skillet: 8”
Traditional Skillet No. 10: 10”
Traditional Skillet No. 12: 12"
Dual Handle Skillet: 14”  x

Founder Isaac Morton was known for restoring beautiful vintage cookware pieces to gift to friends and family so creating a cast iron cookware line that honored vintage style while harnessing modern processes was an idea that came naturally. From this idea — that a lost art might be restored into a modern icon — Smithey Ironware was born.

Care: Lightly wash with warm water to clean. For stubborn remnants, soft scrape with a metal spatula or a touch of dish soap on a nylon scouring pad. Avoid heavy-pressure scrubbing. Dry and oil after use. Do not soak or place in dishwasher.

Handmade in South Carolina.



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