Blackcreek Mercantile Two Step Stool, Black

Solid oak step stool from Blackcreek Mercantile. Black finish with leather foot pads. The wood items in Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co.’s Blackline Collection utilize a natural reactive process to give them their distinctive dark finish. No pigments are used to create this black color. This unique technique makes use of the tannic acid inherent in white oak to develop a deep and durable dye; the source of which comes from within the wood itself. As with most natural processes, some variation in color is to be expected. Natural dyes will “wear” over time developing a rich patina that is special to the object and how it is being used.

Measures 16" H x 16" W. 

Hand built by Blackcreek Mercantile's team in their Kingston, New York workshop. Blackcreek has been designing and making solid wood furniture for over 20 years and takes great pride in their craftsmanship. All of the pieces are 100% domestically sourced from sustainable hard woods, and the joinery used is time honored. All of their finishes are also traditional, time tested techniques that are 100% non-toxic, extremely durable and food safe. The thoughtfulness, expertise and care that Blackcreek Mercantile brings to the workbench is intended to create beautiful furniture that will well outlast its owner. It is a labor of love and an uncompromising pursuit of quality.

Handmade in Kingston, NY.