Joslyn Lawrence, North America II


North America II, Joslyn Lawrence

Framed Photograph on Paper

Small 17 x 23"
Medium, 24 x 36"
Large, 60 x 40"

The photographer captured this image while visiting Agra, India. It was shot after a monsoon rain looking opposite the Taj Majal.

Joslyn Lawrence studied painting and photography at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her work is an exploration of metaphysical themes and reveals both the geographical and emotional landscape where she resides. She uses photography to make painterly imagery shot with various types of cameras, creating narratives that lead the viewer down the path of the human condition, creating a sense of myth and occasionally just the stark reality of ones relationship to the self.

She is currently exploring her deep connection to nature through photographing trees, holding space for conversations on grieving through community ritual and dance, and working with natural fibers to add textiles to the collected body of work with the central theme of transformation and remembrance.



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